Strategic Marketing Services For Owners, Marketing Directors and Teams


Expert staffing for all levels of your business.


Infrastructure and tech stack implementation to grow your business.


Long term strategy that augments everyday objectives and creates synergy.


Training for marketing and non-marketing staff on best practices.


Industry sourcing of services, research, and insights

The Approach

Whether you need a CMO to help plan your strategy or a manager level strategist who can coordinate execution of your daily marketing needs, we'll build a roadmap to accomplish all of your marketing goals.

Marketing isn't a product it's a process.

Strategic Services

Compass ℠

You Strategic Marketing Executive
Compass is CodeSwitch’s exclusive branding strategy. Designed specifically for companies that need to flesh out their brand voice and presence, Compass is designed to help you find your way through the confusing world of brand identity, strategy, communication and experience.
When you opt for the Compass package, our skilled creatives, designers and strategists will work closely with you and your brand to develop physical and digital marketing materials that help communicate the companies values and make a lasting mark on your customers.
Compass is ideal for rebranding, realigning or even pivoting to communicate discovered, defined, redefined or long-held values.

Planning and Project Management

Putting Together A Map For Execution
Bridge is a marketing plan designed to help your company get campaigns, products and brands off the ground.
Running any size company can be rocky and trying, Bridge aims to do as its name implies – build a bridge between ideas and implementation.
With Bridge program, we use a holistic marketing strategy to help you assess your efforts, fine-tune your design, hone your communications and make the most out of your presence across all channels by creating consistancy in your brand experience for consumers.
Hands-on, effective and creative, the Bridge program is exactly what your company needs to launch, take hold and sell quicker and more effectively.

Authority Builder

When It's Time To Take The Reigns

If you’re an independent brand, CodeSwitch’s Authority Builder Package is probably just right for you.

Ideal for any company that wants to establish itself as an authoritative voice in its industry, Authority Builder is a strategic content marketing approach that includes SEM, PPC and search strategy or Brick and Mortars, manufacturing, and local and regional brands.

Developing authority is one of the most difficult aspects of running a business we’ll supply the training and assets to make your voice heard and do it in a way that allows for growth.

Tech and Tools

Because Todays Best Marketing Is Driven By Having The Right Tools and Technology Infrastructure
Having trouble managing your marketing department? Tired of chasing the right hand to get it to communicate with the left? Exhausted by all of the time-consuming facets of marketing that take up the energy you could be spending elsewhere?
We understand.
If you’ve found yourself in this boat, CodeSwitch will work hand-in-hand find the right technology to help your business. Helping your employees to define your marketing goals, the budget you have to put tools in place and the size and skill of your team will allow us to find the right tools and tech for your business.
The right tools will save you and your team time and energy while also allowing everyone to have a better picture of sales, traffic and how the company is measuring up to it’s goals.

Aligning business goals, creativity and culture with the right technology will empower your team to accomplish more.