In order to empower your marketing department, you have to give avoid giving them specific ideas. This is extremely counterintuitive but braun series 7 790cc reviewits key to team empowerment.
Most owners love their own ideas and this is for good reasons they’ve started something and hopefully, it’s going well. They feel their ideas are usually going to be the best or at least worth executing on.
The problem with a top down approach with ideas is that there’s no buy in from the team executing on those ideas. Buy in creates better execution, passion and quality deliverables.
This is where the Amalgam Method comes in. We help our clients crest strategy stabilized by process so that ideas can be run throureduslim farmaciagh this process and allow for additional admendmente and add-one through out the process that enhance the messaging along the way.
All of those can be done whether we are the team executing (and outside company) or we’re simply helping with the strategy and process and leaving the execution to your in-house team.
We’re excited about the use of the Amalgam Method