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Additional rules and tariffs

Usually in rental companies are age restrictions for drivers. For young drivers, they are due to increased risks of accidents, a significant share of the liability for which the insurance company bears. Often these companies set the minimum and maximum ages of drivers, for example, from 21 to 75 years. It happens in another way: there is no prohibition on driving for persons who have not attained a certain age, but the “young driver” category is introduced.

And if the person renting a car falls into this category, then you need to pay extra for an increased risk. Among the services that increase the cost of rent is the introduction of an additional driver into the lease agreement. If a car is driven by a person who is not paid into the rental agreement, the damage caused by this driver to the vehicle or to third parties will be fully recovered from the name of the rental agreement. At the same time, insurance does not cover such damage.