How should you merge bids inside of an essays

3000 words)Chekhov, Anton ‘The Lottery Ticket’ (c.

2000 words)Chekhov, Anton ‘About Love’ (c. 4000 text)Chekhov, Anton ‘An Actor’s End’ (c. 2500 terms)Chekhov, Anton ‘Art’ (c.

2500 text)Chekhov, Anton ‘An Avenger’ (c. 2000 terms)Chesterton, G. K. ‘The Blue Cross’ (c.

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7500 phrases)Chesterton, G. K.

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‘The Bottomless Well’ (c. 6500 words and phrases)Chesterton, G. K. ‘The Eye of Apollo’ (c. 6000 text)Chesterton, G.

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K. ‘The God of Gongs’ (c.

6000 words and phrases)Chesterton, G. K. ‘The Hammer of God’ (c. 6500 words and phrases)Chesterton, G.

K. ‘The Purple Wig’ (c. 5500 words)Collins, Willie ‘A Truthful Penitent’ (c. 4500 text)Conrad, Joseph ‘An Anarchist’ (c. 8500 text)Crane, Stephen ‘A Desertion’ (c.

1500 terms)De Mille, James ‘The Artist of Florence’ (c. 7000 words and phrases)De Quincey, Thomas ‘Love-Charm’ (c. thirteen,000 words and phrases)De Quincey, Thomas ‘The Avenger’ (c.

19,000 text)Dickens, Charles ‘The Black Veil’ (c. 4500 terms))Dickens, Charles ‘Criminal Courts’ (c. 2000 phrases)Dickens, Charles ‘Down with the Taid’ (c. 4000 phrases)Dickens, Charles ‘The Ghost of Art’ (c. 2500 phrases)Dickens, Charles ‘The Baron of Grogswig’ (c. 4000 words and phrases)Dickens, Charles ‘The Kid’s Story’ (c. 2000 words and phrases)Buy small tale collections from these authors:Eggleston, Edward ‘A Basement Story’ (c.

6500 text)Eggleston, Edward ‘Adventures in Alaska’ (c. 1500 text)Eliot, George ‘Brother Jacob’ (c. 17,000 text)Buy brief story collections from these authors:Field, Eugene ‘Daniel and the Devil’ (c. 3000 text)Field, Eugene ‘Death and the Soldier’ (c. 1500 words and phrases)Flaubert, Gustave ‘The Dance of Death’ (c. 3000 terms)Freeman, Mary ‘A New England Nun’ (c. 5000 words)Buy brief tale collections from these authors:Galsworthy, John ‘The Knight’ (c. 13,000 phrases)Galsworthy, John ‘The Stoic’ (c. thirty,000 words and phrases)Goldsworthy, John ‘The Silence’ (c. 8000 words)Goethe, Johann ‘New Paris’ (c. 5500 terms)Gogol, Nikolai ‘The Clash’ if i start a essay with a quote do i need to cite it (c. 4500 text)Gaskell, Elizabeth ‘An Accursed Race’ (c. 6500 text)Gilman, Charlotte Perkins ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ (c. 6000 terms)Greene, Graham ‘The End of the Party’ ( c. 3500 words and phrases)Gissing, George ‘A Capitalist’ (c. 5500 words)Gissing, George ‘The House Of Cobwebs’ (c. 8000 phrases)Gissing, George ‘The Salt of the Earth’ (c. 4000 words and phrases)Buy small tale collections from these authors:Hardy, Thomas ‘The A few Strangers’ c. 8500 words)Harte, Bret ‘Under Karl’ (c. 6500 text)Hawthorne, Nathaniel ‘The Marriage-Knell’ (c. 3000 words)Hawthorne, Nathaniel ‘The Bold Guest’ (c. 3500 words and phrases)Buy short story collections from these authors:Irving, Washington ‘Little Britain’ (c. 5000 terms)Irving, Washington ‘The Bermudas’ (c. 2500 words and phrases)Irving, Washington ‘The Birds of Spring’ (c. 2000 words)Ing, Charles ‘Tight Squeeze’ (c. 6000 words and phrases)Ingelow, Jean ‘A Last Want’ (c. 8000 text)Ingelow, Jean ‘The Prince’s Dream’ (c. 3500 phrases)Buy short tale collections from these authors:Jacobs, W. W. ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ (c. 4000 text)James, M. R. ‘Lost Hearts’ (c. 4000 terms)Joyce, James ‘Araby’ (c. 2500 terms)Joyce, James ‘A Minor Cloud’ (c. 5000 phrases)Joyce, James ‘After the Race’ (c. 2000 text)Joyce, James ‘An Encounter’ (c. 3500 text)Joyce, James ‘Counterparts’ (c. 4000 words)Joyce, James ‘Eveline’ (c. 2000 text)Joyce, James ‘The Boarding House’ (c. 3000 phrases)Buy quick tale collections from these authors:Kipling, Rudyard ‘Wireless’ (c. 6500 text)Kipling, Rudyard ‘A Bank Fraud (c. 2500 text)Kipling, Rudyard ‘Beyond the Pale’ (c. 2000 words)King, Charles ‘Starlight Man’ (c. 9500 text)King, Charles ‘Van’ (c. 8000 words)Buy quick story collections from these authors:London, Jack ‘Aloha Oe’ (c. 2500 phrases)London, Jack ‘The Story of Keesh’ (c. 3000 text)London, Jack ‘How to Create a Fire’ (c. 7000 text)Lovecraft, H. P. ‘The Cats of Ulthar’ (c.

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